Our Privacy Philosophy

Kakao always strives to stay balanced
between connection through data and user protection.

Users are always Kakao's top priority

We strive to make the world a better place than it was yesterday by connecting humans to humans and humans to technology. Kakao always gives priority to its users in the process of striking a balance between various social values.

Kakao respects users' right.

Kakao respects human dignity and protects privacy as a fundamental human right. Kakao believes that users shall be able to recognize one's personal information status and participate in every phase that deals with data processing. Kakao will make substantial efforts to protect users' rights as the data subject.

Kakao protects users' privacy.

Kakao is committed to enhancing and protecting the value of data to provide a better service for the convenience of connection. From service planning and its operation to external cooperation with various experts, such as precautionary actions and privacy impact assessment, Kakao will spare no effort.

Kakao is always transparent.

Kakao has been publishing transparency reports since it announced the first release of such kind in Korea in order to keep users posted on the provision of personal information requested by the government. It also reflects Kakao's pride in protecting users' information under due process, as well as our new challenge of prioritizing users' rights. Kakao will stay transparent in providing personal information and protecting users' privacy.