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Through new connections
Kakao dreams of
a more fun and convenient world.
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When you need music or today's weather
just say "Hey Kakao!"

In a brisk morning, AI recognizing your voice
plays music to your taste
and keeps you posted on today's weather.

Personalized news feeds
based on recommendation algorithms

Our personalized news recommendation
turns boring commuting hours into a pleasant journey with news articles tailored to your interest

It's all good even if you don't speak English at all
Elaborate translation

Never get used to speaking foreign languages?
A variety of cases and linguistic data helps you
get a more accurate translation.

Make a mobile payment
within a blink of an eye

Enjoy your meal and pay via KakaoTalk in one go!
Data is continuously running
for secured mobile payments.

Easier Shopping
with data analysis

Forgot your friend's birthday?
Data technology keeps you updated
and offers you a recommendation for gift

Right path is where I stand
Navigating the optimum route

We analyze the traffic and navigate
the best route to your home during rush hours
thanks to previous traffic data.

Personalized recommendation
for popular content

When you are too lazy to choose a movie,
Kakao provides personalized recommendation that suits your taste

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