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Kakao allows users to check or edit at any time their own personal data, and to change
security settings to ensure the safety of services.

Privacy Menu

  • Manage My Info
    Check your information and contacts registered in your Kakao Account, and edit them if needed. More InfoNew Window
  • Personal Data Use Status
    Check the status of collection, use, third-party provision, and entrusted processing of personal information based on the use of Kakao services. More InfoNew Window
  • Manage Connected Services
    Check the list of services linked with your Kakao Account, and disconnect service that you no longer use. More InfoNew Window
  • Check consent to service use and withdraw consent
    Users can check the details of their consent to use for each service and edit them or withdraw consent. More InfoNew Window
  • Account Security Diagnosis
    Protect your account by applying security measures recommended after a security diagnosis. More InfoNew Window