Privacy Policy Advisory Committee

Privacy Policy Advisory Committee

Since 2015, Kakao has operated Privacy Policy Advisory Committee in an effort to strengthen its privacy policy. The committee discusses Kakao's privacy policies with the most renowned experts in Korea.

The committee is composed of top experts from various fields such as policy making, security, legal circles, and academia. It has built a system of constant communication and held regular meetings to discuss privacy issues and related legal trends while advising on privacy policy directions.

The committee members undertake the role of giving advice from the perspective of user and society. Kakao always puts users ahead of anything else in setting privacy policy direction. The committee members themselves are experts from the relevant fields, in the meantime, users of Kakao services. That is why we share and discuss privacy issues together to protect users' privacy while enhancing their convenience and service experience using data.

The speed of technological innovation is often faster than that of social understanding and adaptation. We believe that the more that happens, the more we should communicate with society and listen to experts from related fields. Kakao will continue its efforts to adjust the balance between data utilization and protection.

Roles of Kakao Privacy Policy Advisory Committee
  • Policy Advice Advise on the direction of Kakao's privacy policy
  • Policy research Conduct researches and hold seminars on privacy protection

Activities of Kakao Privacy Policy Advisory Committee

Members and activities of the committee are constantly updated on Kakao Brunch.

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