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Kakao Privacy Protection

Kakao is committed to safeguarding personal data
to protect your precious daily life.


Privacy Protection in Services

  • KakaoTalk
    Profiles can be managed through multi-profiles or trusted users can be confirmed with a profile certification mark. More Info
  • Kakao Account
    We provide various security settings to secure users’ Kakao Account information. More Info
  • Kakao Login
    When you use other services, you can check required and optional personal information items and manage connected services. More Info
  • KakaoTalk Secret Chat
    User information protection is enforced using the End-to-End encryption technology. More Info
  • Gift
    Gifts are exchanged without exposing personal information, and unwanted gifts can be blocked. More Info
  • KakaoTalk Store Seller Center
    User information is further protected by applying reinforced protection measures such as 2-step authentication. More Info

Kakao Policy

Transparency Report

Through the Transparency Report, Kakao shares with users the status of its responses to the government's request for data based on the necessity for warrants in a transparent manner. Check Transparency Report

Protection Activities

  • Personal Information Protection Principles
    Personal data is processed based on principles so that users can trust us. Check Personal Data Protection Principles
  • Privacy Protection Organization
    A team dedicated to personal data protection is in place, and the Privacy Committee is in operation. Check the organizational chart
  • Personal Information Protection Management Structure
    Users and personal information are safely protected through the Privacy Impact Assessment and protective measures. Check protection efforts
  • Information Protection Certification
    The safety of personal information is reinforced through domestic and global security certification. Check Information Protection Certification