Our Privacy Philosophy

Kakao dreams of a more fun and convenient world through new connections.
For this, Kakao will always keep the following principles in mind.

  • Kakao’s first priority is the users.
  • Kakao respects the users right to choose.
  • Kakao protects the privacy of the users.
  • Kakao values transparency and openness.

Privacy Center

Check and manage your personal information at the Kakao Privacy Center.
'Is my personal information secure?' You may wonder at least once while using Kakao Services.
At the Privacy Center, users can directly check and manage the status of personal information being used and provided.

  • Login Management

    You can check your Kakao Account login history for the past 90 days and current login information. If there is an activity you don’t recognize, you should change your password immediately. To protect your Kakao Account, we recommend that your Kakao Account password should be different from that of your email account, and change your password periodically.

  • Connected Service Management

    You can also view the list of services you are using with your Kakao Account and permission details. Check out services connected to your Kakao Account and manage access permissions.

Transparency Report

Kakao Transparency Report shows the statistics on the government’s personal information request status such as communication data, communication-restricting measures, communication confirmation data and search and seizure warrants.

Service Category Request Processed No of Accounts
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